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20 Best Free Brackets Extensions for Developers

Brackets is an open-source code editor for front-end development and web design. Among coders, its popularity has been increasing day by day due to wide range of brackets extensions.

Coders use different code editors but among them, Brackets use most for its wide range of extensions and ease to use.

What is Brackets?

Brackets is a modern open-source text editor for web designers and front-end developers which is developed by Adobe. It’s very easy to write code for web designers in browser. Its code editor fully optimized for writing HTML, CSS, and JS.

Most operating systems support Brackets to use, such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Brackets Extensions
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Why Choose Brackets?

Brackets is a modern and lightweight text editor with several visual tools which help coders to write and develop front-end designs. It supports live previews, color palettes,  Inline Editors, Preprocessor Support, and much more. It’s completely free of charge and easy to use. In terms of user experience and functionality, brackets more powerful than  Sublime Text or the Atom editor.

It has large and growing community of developers for developing brackets extensions which help to add different functionality. You can change color scheme, change theme, live preview too.

How To Install Brackets Extensions

To install Brackets extensions, just open your Brackets editor and click on the Extensions tab from the right side. In the extension tab four different options available, such as “Available”, “Themes”, “Installed”, “Default”. In the “Available” tab, just search for specific extensions and click the Install button to start the installation.

List of 20 Best Free Brackets Extensions for Developers

We handpicked and put together a collection of 20 best free Brackets Extensions for you. All links are available on GitHub to download with latest stable version. These Brackets extensions will make your coding experience easier and user-friendly.

1. WordPress Hints

If you are a WordPress developer, tries to develop themes or plugins then WordPress Hints extension helps you to follow the WordPress coding structure.  While you writing, it shows hints of different WordPress functions to easily insert into code editor. It also supports WooCommerce and custom fields functions.

2. Any Template

Coders need to write markup tags over and over again. When you create a new document of HTML, PHP, or JavaScript, it needs to write specific markup tags. Here, Any Template extension helps you to create template with pre-written markup which helps to write your code faster.

3. Emmet

Emmet is a web developer brackets extensions to improve your HTML & CSS workflow. Just a single keypress, Emit can turn into a structured code block. Its speeds up your workflow by allowing more time to write the code rather than tags. While you code it automatically take care of HTML and CSS tags. It supports Bootstrap too.

4. Code Folding

Code folding allows folding a large portion of code inside bracket within a single line. Developers now focus on writing specific code by hiding or folding parts of code. It also supports multi-line comment folding for JavaScript, JSON, CSS, PHP and LESS files

5. Beautify

Beautify makes your code more easily readable and more beautiful. It makes your entire code constantly formated. You can run beautify on entire whole file or by selecting manually on a selection. To use it from the toolbar Button with the wand icon, just select  Edit > Beautify or one of the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Shift-L (Windows), Cmd-Shift-L (Mac).

6. Autoprefixer

You probably know different browser uses different vendor prefixes. So, when writing CSS code, you have to manually tackle and write all vendor prefixes for different browsers. Autoprefixer deals with this problem for you. It automatically parses CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules to save your time.

7. Minifier

Minifier minifies CSS, Javascript code and helps to increase website loading speed. After installing Minifier, just use keyboard shortcut CMD+M or Ctrl+M. You can also save them as separate files (eg: {filename}.min.{ext}). It compresses CSS and javascript code. It is recommended minifying code before website publishing.

8. AutoSaver

What will happen, if you write a long code and after that close your files without saving!! Dong gets frustrated, Autosaver here to solve this problem. Autosaver automatically saves files after every change you make to your files. You need not remind to save files and hitting CTRL + S continuously.

9. Lorem Pixel

Lorem Pixel extension allows you to generate placeholder images. You can change image size, black and white placeholder image without any cost. In visual editor custom URL option also available.

10. Lorem Ipsum

Ofter Developers and designers get problems to get dummy text with exact number of words which is time-consuming wasting task. They need to fit exact number of words in a specific section. With Lorem Ipsum extension, you can easily specify number of words and it will do rest of the work with dummy text. As an example, if you need 200 words of dummy text, you just need to type lorem_wrap200. and the text will appear.

11. Brackets File Icons

Brackets File Icons helps you to identify types of documents by adding different colored icons. It can add different types of icons on JavaScript, HTML,CSS, JSON, XML, PNG, and JPG which helps to recognize file type easily without looking at file extension.

12. Swatcher

Swatcher easily generates color palettes from images, Adobe swatch files, and LESS and SASS files. It helps you to identify color code easily while writing CSS. You can also pick your own color. Different color function ( such as rgba()) available.

13. ToDo

During writing code, you have to manage different tasks. Often you can forget to change something which you think to do it later. Here comes ToDo extension to solve this problem. ToDo helps to remind you of things you need to do. such as:  adding comments, changing colors, writing code etc. ToDo task can be sorted, can be defined by color code easily. Just write down // TODO: tag and you just moved in that specific section.

14. Snippets

It’s really painful for coders to write the same code over again and gain. How about you can manage code shortcut so that when you need it just write shortcut and lets code will publish. This will snippets do.

Snippets allow creating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code shortcut to speed up workflow. Using snippets is just a couple of letters to write a big code now.

15. HTML Skeleton

HTML Skeleton is a must-have extension for HTML webpage builders. This extension helps to easily insert a variety of HTML code inside documents and without it, browsers will render incorrectly. Just go to Edit > Insert HTML Elements, and select the desired elements to insert.

16. Minimap

If you already used sublime text editor, you probably see a smaller short map to see and scroll your code. Minimap is a short map type Brackets extensions that allow to Quick-preview function with Smoother scrolling and Zooming. Additionally, it has Syntax highlighting., autohide functionality, adjustable fading transparency, and much more.

17. SFTP Upload

Want to access server’s website files directly on brackets!! SFTP upload offers to manage and access your files directly from server to brackets without using separate FTP client. Now from code editor, it is easy to upload and transfer the files to your server directly.

18. Liverload

Liverload monitor file changing system which is continuously used for coding.  Which and  where project file changes, it keeps monitoring and automatically refreshed.

19. CSSLint

CSSLint brackets extension allows to use built-in linting system. If any error found, it will warn by yellow icon or else green icon will visible. You can find a list of error issues when clicking on the yellow icon in the lower right corner of the editor.

20. PasteToBin

PastetoBin Brackets extension allows you to share and save code snippets easily from code editor. You can easily save, upload, generate copy URLs of code snippets. Also customizing paste details, such as expiration time or format can be done. There are also private pastes available for the Pastebin account in the configuration.

Final Thought

These are the listed brackets extension that can speed up user experience and your coding workflow. Which Brackets extension is best? it depends on you which purposes you use.


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