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Best website speed test tools in 2021

Want to Improve the speed of your site?  The best website speed test tools help users and search engines to speed up your website.

Nowadays Its increasingly important for web developers, marketers, and IT departments to use website speed test tools. To get a better user experience and do the success of your site depends on webpage loading speed.

In modern ages, the increasing of high-speed internet makes a way for many lazy developers to write bloating code rather than focusing on image size, page properties, page speed.

To test webpage loading speed, it’s not a great way to use a stopwatch by sitting in front of the computer. That’s why free website speed test tools are very necessary and used by most developers and marketers.

In fact, users will only take four seconds for moving to another side. So, user experience to search engine optimization in each sector Page speed influences site performance.

Google uses page loading speed as a ranking metric which means page speed also impacts search engine optimization (SEO).

List of Best Website Speed Test Tools

Here we list the best website speed test tools which always updating and changing to ensure user experience.

1. GTmetrix | The best website speed checker 

website speed test toolsGTmetrix is an excellent website speed test tool with free and premium both facility available. It allows you to get your webpage detailed information including page speed,  performance, page structure, waterfall, and much more. It also provides necessary information about how to fix the exact problem which was exposed by the test. You can also determine whether this problem coming from  CSS, Javascript, images, or server problems.

Its initial test server location Vancouver, Canada while others server location is also available after login. Additionally, different browsers and connection types also available to show how your website behaves in different scenarios. To check your page performance just enter your webpage address and hit the “Test your site” button and a set of information represented in front of you.

Price: GTmetrix comes with free and premium version. The free version provides satisfactory results for most common users. Premium includes two types of plan: “individuals and professionals” and “Teams and companies“. Premium feature includes Global Monitoring/API, Premium Test Locations, Mobile Device Testing, etc. Check GTmetrix price.

2. Google PageSpeed Insights |  The best website performance testing tools

Pagespeed InsightsPageSpeed Insights is a simple tool developed by Google that grades your website by analyzing on a scale of 1 to 100 that shows results both on desktop and mobile versions. The more the number is, the faster your webpage. It is also available through chrome browser and Google Analytics.

Just insert your website or webpage link information then hit “ANALYZE” button, it will show diagnostics results with a lot of opportunities and suggestions. Its two major sections are “Opportunities” and “Diagnostics” where Opportunities show suggestions to load your page faster and Diagnostics shows more information about the performance of your application.

A recommended path of action under each section help to speed up the website. Though other tools provide many customized searching options but Google PageSpeed Insights will not provide you those options. Google PageSpeed Insights results more accurately and helpful than any others as the tool developed by Google.

Price: PageSpeed Insights is completely free for users.

3. Pingdom | The best site speed test

website speed test toolPingdom is another website speed test tool that allows run a single test from 70 global polling locations. You can monitor your websites’ performance and uptime for a better end-user-experience. You will get less information than PageSpeed Insights but its simple scoring and breakdown of request types, content size, response codes, waterfall chart helps you to find out the exact problem on webpage loading speed. It is useful for both experts and novices who want to optimize their website performance

Price: Pingdom is a free website speed checking tool but in addition to subscription it provides more information such as Transaction monitoring, Page speed monitoring, Email and SMS alerting, Unlimited users, etc. It has Synthetic Monitoring and Real User Monitoring subscription package which starting at 10$/Month. It provides option for a 14days free trial for users.

4. WebPageTest | Test, Optimize and Repeat

website speed test toolWebPageTest was acquired in September of 2020 by Catchpoint and It’s an open-source tool for website performance testing.

You can check website performance from 40 different test locations and setting on different browsers. In advance setting, you can disable javascript, ignore SSL certificate, setting test duration, block request, etc. One of the coolest features of WebPageTest is “Visual Comparison” with multiple URLs. You can compare multiple pages link visually with available 3G or 4G network connections.

Its testing results include information on TTFB, waterfall charts, DNS, TCP, TLS, and more.

Price: WebPageTest is an open-source and free tool for webpage speed testing.

5. Dareboost | The best page speed test tool

website speed test toolDearboost all-in-one tool dedicated to web performance optimization through synthetic website speed test tool. It shows a simple and user-friendly graphical interface report on website performance and page loading speed. Compare your Website Speed with another is a cool feature on Dareboost.

Price:  Dareboost offers premium package starting at $22/month for 1 user and 30-day retention with one user. They have other biggest package too.

6. Uptrends | Free Website Speed Test Tool

website speed test toolUptrends analyze your website and find out what exactly slows down your website. You can get test results from 11 different locations. Check your website performance from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. You can test your site on both desktop and mobile devices. For desktop different resolution changing options available. Also on mobile different device models available. On both desktop and mobile,  Bandwidth throttling option available from which you can test website at different speeds.

Uptrends also provide waterfall report which gives you details of load progression, request and response headers.  You can easily find out which page elements, images, script files, HTML or CSS files taking more loading time as well as taking larger size which causes to slow down your site.

Price: Uptrends provides free as well as premium facilities for its users. It has starter, business, and enterprise plan. The starter plan starts with $15.47/month, where the business and enterprise plan starts from $21.59/month and $51.58/month. Check Uptrends price.

7. SEO Site Checkup | Website SEO checking Tool

website speed test toolSEO Site Checkup allows you to check your webpage speed as well as others search engine optimizing factors. This tool easily points to on-site problem issues and easy ways to fix them. After testing your website, it will show scoreboard on failed, warnings, and passed issues of a total of 100. We like the ” Speed optimizations” section most as it shows site loading speed with various HTML, cache, javascript, CSS issues that cause slow down your website.

Price: It has basic, webmaster, and professional plan for checking. The basic plan start with $24.95/month where white level report is not provided. Check SEO Site Checkup here.

8. Dotcom-Tools | Instantly Website Speed Test Tool

website speed test toolAs we already mention website speed helps to better ranking in Google search result and greater user engagement and retention. Dotcom-Monitor’s website speed test give access to users test their website from 20 different locations worldwide. After testing you will get deetails website performance report with waterfall chart analysis. You can test your website from different desktop and mobile browsers (Like: Chrome, Firefox, IE). Its web performance reports includes, 10% of fastest and slowest elements, Comprehensive waterfall chart, Breakdown by host element – including DNS, Connection, SSL, Request, First packet, and Download Error check and diagnostics etc.

Price: Dotcom-Tools offers free, starter and Professional subscription package. Its starter package starts with 9.99$/month and Professional package starts with 29.99$/month. Free test  start with 250 test/ month where professional package start with 5000 test/month

Final Thought

There is a lot of options available to choose from. So, the question raise, which one better for you? Actually each one better for its unique feature. But above all we like GTmetrix most. It is simple and lots of free features available than others but you can use others also.


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